Saturday, April 04, 2020

Piano Voicing

Piano voicing refers to achieving the desired tone pallette for your particular piano and for each note in relation to the others. If you love the crystal clear tones of the upper register, the warm, rich full tones of the middle notes and the deep solid bass of the lower end; and your ear demands that each note responds to your touch with the same timbre and volume, then you'll want your East Atlanta Registered Piano Technician (RPT) to perform a piano voicing service on your piano.

Signs that your beloved piano may be ready for piano voicing maintenance include: a metallic, harsh, 'zingy' tone as part of the note you hear, a quick decrease in volume when a note is sustained, uneven volume or tone quality from one note to the next and an inability to bring the piano to a sweet, soft pianissimo. If your piano displays any of these symptoms, call me, and we'll put the Moonlight back in your Sonata!

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