Saturday, April 04, 2020

Piano Tuning Videos

Is your piano out of tune?

Richard Bazemore, R.P.T. shares his expertise

Keeping your piano in tune is crucial when it comes to producing a perfect sound. At Pianos in Tune, we provide professional piano tuning for pianos in homes, churches and schools. Watch as Richard Bazemore, RPT, explains how to determine if your piano needs tuning and contact us today!

Pianos in Tune is equipped to handle all of your piano needs, including:
Have questions about your piano and how we can service your instrument? Contact us today!

Where's the right place to put a piano?

How should your care for your piano's finish?

Believe it or not, where you decide to place a piano inside of the home can directly affect the quality of the instrument. Mr. Bazemore shares his advice on the perfect placement of your piano, ensuring that the instrument stays in excellent shape.

Maintaining the outside of your piano is just as important as caring for the inside of the instrument. Pianos in Tune offers complete cleaning services for the inside of your instrument. In this video, Richard Bazemore covers how to clean your piano's exterior.

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